Summer Vacation: The Ideal Time For Wisdom Teeth Removal

School’s out and summer vacation is finally here! Now is the time for dental check-ups, taking time to schedule an appointment with your oral surgeon, and getting your child’s wisdom teeth removed.


Oral surgeons recommend getting wisdom teeth removed between the ages of fifteen and twenty. Removing wisdom teeth at a young age is associated with fewer complications and faster healing.

Why is summer the ideal time of year to schedule wisdom tooth removal? With your child out of school, he or she has the free time to:

  • Have a consultation with your oral surgeon
  • Discuss any anxiety or fear with the doctor
  • Schedule the procedure and have wisdom teeth removed
  • Take as much time as needed to recover

Generally, it takes a few days after your wisdom teeth are removed to get back into your daily routine, but everyone heals differently. Missing a couple of days during the school year can be stressful for both kids and parents, with work piling up for both. Instead of your child to worrying about missing school, schedule a wisdom tooth removal during summer vacation. A child who isn’t worrying about homework and school can take the time to relax and recover properly.

Plus, there is finally an excuse to eat as much ice cream as they want this summer!

Don’t have an oral surgeon in the area or ready to make your appointment? Call Dr. Elias or Dr. Matt Paonessa to schedule your child’s wisdom teeth removal today, 914-873-0045.

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