Benefits of Dental Implants

dental implant

Over 35 million people in America have a tooth missing, and many turn to bridges, dentures or other methods to fix their problem. However, an implant offers a better way to replace a missing tooth, and it improves dental health in several ways.

Improved Self-Esteem

You may find it difficult to maintain confidence if you have a broken or missing tooth. Though, over time, you may also have perfected a closed-mouth smile so you don’t have to feel like people are judging you. This damage to your self-esteem can cost you friendships, relationships and job opportunities. Dental implants solve self-esteem issues by giving you teeth that look natural and healthy.

Pain-Free Eating

Hot and cold sensitivity, along with nerve pain, makes eating with a broken tooth difficult. You may eat too little and end up malnourished, or you may be able to enjoy a diet of only soft foods. Dental implants let you enjoy meals and eat normally — you can go out with your friends when they head to restaurants, rather than turning down social engagements due to dental troubles.

What to Expect During a Dental Implant Consultation Mamaroneck Oral SurgeryAvoiding Bone Erosion

An empty socket in your jaw can lead to long-term bone loss problems if it isn’t addressed. An implant sits on a post that fills that spot, so you have the proper support to help prevent deterioration.

Long-Term Solution

Dentures, crowns and bridges must be replaced more frequently than dental implants. When you get implants, you can rest assured your solution doesn’t need frequent upkeep. You may even be able to go as long as a decade without having to do anything with your implants.

No Damage to Other Teeth

Bridges rely on the strength of surrounding teeth, which puts undue strain on them. They may wear down and break over time, making the original problem worse. You won’t run into this situation with dental implants, as the supporting post does not hurt anything in your mouth.

Dental implants give you a healthy, long-term solution for the replacement of broken or missing teeth. You have already dealt with more than enough pain due to your situation, and this permanent procedure can get your smile happy and back on track.

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