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Why You Shouldn’t Postpone Wisdom Teeth Removal

Does the thought of having your wisdom teeth removed make you cringe? So you’ll just put it off as long as possible, right? Wrong! Even though wisdom teeth removal may seem intimidating and painful, it’s better to be safe than sorry…and in pain. Delaying your wisdom teeth removal surgery can be extremely detrimental to your […]

Summer Vacation: The Ideal Time For Wisdom Teeth Removal

School’s out and summer vacation is finally here! Now is the time for dental check-ups, taking time to schedule an appointment with your oral surgeon, and getting your child’s wisdom teeth removed. Oral surgeons recommend getting wisdom teeth removed between the ages of fifteen and twenty. Removing wisdom teeth at a young age is associated […]

How to Handle Fear of Dental Procedures

Fear of dental procedures is common with 20% of the population. Patients with high levels of anxiety often put off necessary procedures, leading to more comprehensive actions required, and more time in the oral surgeon’s chair. Like any fear, there are ways to manage your anxiety and make your experience pleasant and successful. Be comfortable […]