3 Simple Rules for Long Term Dental Implant Care

After going through the surgical procedure to have dental implants, you’re going to want to make sure you take proper care of them. In order for your implants to last over time it’s important to know the long-term care instructions. Here are three simple rules to live by for long term dental implant care.

1.  Good Oral Hygienedentist-674654_640

Although it may seem obvious, it is extremely important to take the time for good oral hygiene. Many people that end up with dental implants have them because they did not practice good oral hygiene in the first place. It is extremely important to brush your teeth twice a day and floss regularly: make it a priority and part of your daily routine. As you grow accustomed to your new dental implants it is easier to keep up the good work, but overtime laziness can set in and your vigilance may start to slip: don’t let it! Always take the time to brush your teeth, floss, and remove food residue.

2.  Regular Appointments with a Dental Specialist

To guarantee you’re taking proper care of your dental implants you need to visit your dentist regularly. It is recommended to schedule check-up appointments every six months. Your dentist will make sure your teeth and implants are getting the care they need. Your dentist can also alert you if he/she suspects there might be something wrong and to schedule an appointment with your oral surgeon. In addition to visiting your dentist for regular exams, you should see your oral surgeon annually. During these visits your oral surgeon can see how well your dental implants are holding up and take care of any maintenance work that may be necessary. Although these are the typical time frames in which you should make your appointments, everyone is different. After your surgery you will be given the personalized instructions on how often to visit your dentist and oral surgeon.

3.  Early Detection of Infection

If you think something might be wrong with your dental implants, you’re probably right. Don’t brush signs of infection away. If you suspect you have an infection, make an appointment with your oral surgeon immediately. The sooner an infection is detected the easier it is to treat. Plus, the less damage done the quicker the recovery.

If you continue to follow these three simple steps your dental implants will have a long lifespan. Contact Dr. Elias at (914) 873-0045 if you have any concerns about your dental implants or wish to have a consultation about getting started with your implants.

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